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If you are looking for online free essays, you can view them in our samples section. Remember, these samples should be used for reference purposes only. Also keep in mind that the guidelines on essay writing, which we have provided on the site, are not the last words on writing essays. However, if you pay attention to these points while writing your essay, you would not only feel more organized but also would get better results.

Handy Tips:

Before you explore this site further, here are some tips and advices that you should keep in mind when writing your school, college, or university essays:

  • An essay is a form of writing usually broken down into three, four, five, or more paragraphs, which express your opinion about a given subject.
  • You must always choose theme and then prove it through examples.
  • Your essay should always include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. A complete paragraph should include at least five to ten sentences.
  • Use a thesaurus so that you do not repeat the same words too often.
  • The aim of your essays should be to convince an intelligent and interested reader of your answer to the given question. Therefore, try and write in a lively and interesting way, with well-chosen examples and pithy quotations.
  • Quality is more important than quantity. To the writer it is often tempting to digress onto other topics, but it is confusing for the reader. Therefore, try to stick to the essay question and to be as concise as possible. Judge whether you have thoroughly answered the question or not. The reader will also be looking at the depth of research, your ability to analyze information and your use of language (Like grammar, wordiness and relevance).

Essays can come in many shapes and styles. Essay writing in itself, is a constantly changing form, ranging from the highly critical ‘traditional’ essay to the freer, to more creative essay. Hence, the guidelines here are not designed to provide definitive laws on writing as such, but merely to assist you in the process of structuring an essay. Read our free essay guide to become an expert in writing essays or just use this “write my essay for me” online service –