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What Problems Did Elizabeth Face in 1558?

What problems did Elizabeth face in 1558? At the start of her reign in 1558, Elizabeth faced many problems it was a very tumultuous time for her. These problems included Gender, Religion, Finance and Foreign policy. One factor Elizabeth had to face, which was seen as a huge disadvantage, was her gender. This was because the society was very patriarchal, male dominated, meaning that she was seen as week and less capable of being a good leader. This was a problem for Elizabeth as she had to do more to prove that she could be a good leader.

This leads onto the fact that her sister Mary wasn’t a good leader so therefore there were low expectations of Elizabeth, This also meant Elizabeth had a lot to prove in order to be a good leader. Although this was a problem for Elizabeth, there were also positive factors to her gender. One of these was that Elizabeth was very good at using her flirtatious charm to get what she wanted. Another reason Elizabeth’s gender wasn’t too much of a problem was that she asserted her royal authority; it was her divine right to become the queen as god had chosen her.

Another problem Elizabeth had to face in 1558 was deciding what religion to become, whether she would keep England as a catholic settlement or to change England to a protestant settlement. If she decided to keep England a catholic settlement it would keep her strong alliances on side; Spain and France, this would be good as Elizabeth was worried that Spain and France would go to war against her if not. Also if Elizabeth decided to stay Catholic, the pope and the House of Lords would be on her side.

This means she would be able to pass laws easier. However Elizabeth could also have chose to turn England into a protestant settlement, this would suit her better as she herself, was a protestant. Also, it would keep the Privy Council and the House of Commons on side meaning it would be easier for Elizabeth to get her own way with the Privy Council. Finally, many hard line Protestants returned to England when she was pronounced queen, meaning she found it her duty to the people to turn England into a protestant settlement.

Next on her problem list was Elizabeth’s finance/ inheritance, Elizabeth had a very weak financial inheritance. This meant that she had to do as much as possible to improve her economy to make England a strong country. Therefore, Elizabeth had to try to put off and stay out of wars for as long as she potentially could in order to build up her army and navy and save up enough money for weapons in order to go to war and be strong. This meant Elizabeth had to try to keep foreign countries such as Spain and France on side, limiting her foreign policy.

The final problem Elizabeth had to face in 1558 was the foreign policy. Due to the fact that England had become embroiled in the Italian wars, Elizabeth faced loosing Calais and had to decide whether or not it was worth fighting for. There were many reasons for fighting to keep Calais, the loss of Calais would be damaging to the economy, it would be a major blow to England’s prestige, England would no longer have the same domination over the straights of Dover and finally, the loss of Calais would have a huge impact to Elizabeth’s pride of a queen who was opening her reign.

Whereas, on the other hand there were also a lot of reasons against fighting for Calais. One of these is the fact that Elizabeth had inherited a very weak economy and therefore, she did not have enough money to fight for Calais or prepare to fight. Another reason is that the succession of Calais was realistic and necessary as England couldn’t beat France alone and therefore, had no intensions of going to war with them.

Finally, overall the port was a financial drain. This was a very big problem for Elizabeth when she first come to her reign in 1558 as she had to decide what was best for her and England’s economy. Also due to the fact that England was relatively weak when Elizabeth came to the throne, Elizabeth had to think about building strong alliances and marrying. The strongest powers during 1558 were France and Spain.

Therefore, in order to achieve all of her priorities, these being; make a strong ally, build up her army and navy and avoid war and Catholic league, Elizabeth had the problem of deciding whether there was a possible suitor and whether to marry them. Overall, I think the biggest problem Elizabeth faced was her Gender. I think this because as she was a female she had a lot more to prove and a lot more to lose. This would be an extremely hard problem for Elizabeth to overcome as it could always be used against her.

Benefits of Ehr

Benefits in EHR 1 The Benefits of Electronic Health Records Tanina Watkins MED1080 Instructor Cheatem August 17, 2011 Benefits of EHR 2 Outline 1. The title page * The title * The name of the Author * The course title * The name of the instructor * The date of submission * The Abstract 2. Introduction * The Benefits of Electronic * Why it is efficient and effective * Advantages * Less time consuming * Cost cutting * The thesis statement 3. The body Paragraph I,II, and III * Less time consuming * Cost cutting * Training * Promotes evidence-based medicine The justification of electronic health records * In-text citation in author, date, format * Presentation of evidence 4. The Conclusion Benefits of EHR 3 * My summary on The Benefits of EHR. * Thesis statement reinstated * Discussion of further scope for the research on the topic * The concluded line. 5. References * Text sources * Internet sources Benefits in EHR 4 Abstract In recent years electronic health records (EHR) has evolved its concept as a systematic collection of electronic health information about patients or populations.

While most hospitals continue to you paper-based records others seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. Currently the US is lagging behind other countries that use EHR. The research paper compares the effectiveness and efficient of EHR over paper-based. Benefits in EHR 5 The Benefits of Electronic Health Records In my opinion electronic health records (EHR) is more efficient and effective than paper based medical records. An EHR is an evolving concept defined as a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients and populations (Wikipedia 2011).

It is a record in digital format that is capable of being shared across different health care setting, by being embedded in network-connected enterprise-wide information system. Such records may include a whole range of data in comprehensive or summary form, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal stats like age and weight, and billing information (Wikipedia 2011). EHR has less space requirements and less time consuming, cost cutting, and easy to use.

Although many hospitals are still using the traditional pen and paper for recording a patient’s medical records, there are many disadvantages to the use of traditional methods (healthhelp 2011). Using electronic health records is less time consuming. Paper-based charting is only available for one staff member at a time. EHR allows medical professionals to access any one patients file from more than one networked computer in the office (p. 193). Instead of writing down all the patients’ information for an appointment, staff members can go on the EHR and enter the patients’ information if they are not already a patient.

As a healthcare provider you have to ask the patients’ information on HIPPA, allergies, medical history, and etc. With the EHR it will already be available for them. Electronic medical records allow medical staff easily to transmit patient information to insurance company when requested. With the cost of health Benefits of EHR 6 care rising, it makes sense to free up the health care providers time while decreasing avoidable patient injuries (p. 198). Some hospitals and physicians still prefer the use of the paper-based records over electronic. Paper records take up a lot of space compared to digital medical records.

According to (healthnet) the cost of storage for paper records are expensive. Looking for a space to hold thousands of records can be time consuming and complicated. . EHR can be stored on a devise and will cost the hospital less money. In the U. S. a vast amount of funds are allocated towards the health care industry more than $ 1. 7 trillion per year (Hillestad, 2005). If savings are allocated using current level of spending from the National Health Accounts, Medicare would receive about $ 23 billion of the potential savings per year, and private payers would receive $ 31 billion per year (Hillestad, 2005).

HER information technology is being used today to automate day-to-day processes, thus helping to reduce administration cost which then in turn can free up time and money for patient care (Hp. com/healthcare). There are training seminars that can teach staff how to use EHR. Using the software is self explanatory. The system can help reduce medical errors by providing healthcare workers with decision support (Alltucker, 2011). EHR helps with abbreviation, standardization of forms, terminology, and data input. It is also in compliance with HIPPA.

The patients’ privacy is well kept, each staff member has their own log in name and password so the system can track each entry made. With paper-based it is not always obvious who made the last entry. Benefits of EHR 7 Some hospitals feel like the cost is too high to have electronic health records. The process in which transferring paper-based records from hospital to hospital normally takes a lot of time. EHR software was created to make this process easier with the use of the internet in which the patient’s medical records can be transferred to other hospitals (healthhelp).

In the long run they will reduce cost, minimize the time, and have all the staff educated on the current software. Its purpose can be understood as a complete record of patient encounters that allows the automation and streamlining of the workflow in health care settings and increase safety though evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting ( himss. org). Benefits of EHR 8 References Christine Malone, MHA (2010). Administrative Medical Assisting. Chapter 11 Electronic Medical Records p. 191-200.

HIMSS- Electronic Health Record (EHR) (http://www. himss. org/ASP/topics_ehr. asp) Hillestab, Richard et al “Can Electronic Medical Record System Transform Health Care? Potential Health Benefits, Saving Costs”, Health Affairs, 2005. Arizona Republic “Electronic Health Records: About $500 Million at stake in digital move. ” Ken Alltucker. March 20, 2011. Wikipedia. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Electronic_health_record) Advantages of using EMR compared to Pare-Based Records. (http://www. healthelp. net/advantages-of-using-emr-compared-to-paper-based)

Realism in Huckleberry Finn

The novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain failed to accurately portray the slave experience because it misrepresents the attitude of slaves in daily life as shown in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs, and over exaggerates the loyalty of slaves to their masters, as shown in Frederick Douglass’ narrative The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.. Slaves of the 1800’s were seldom treated with respect or merely acknowledged, but according to Mark Twain they were often treated with kindness and generosity, and even the owners’ family respected their slaves.

Throughout Huckleberry Finn, Jim views each situation with positivity and optimism, unlike that of a real-life slave. Jim was rarely subjected to harsh work by his owners, and easily escaped from his plantation in search of freedom in the north. Although the majority of slaves strived for similar independence, they had a much more difficult time escaping from their pitiless masters. When Harriet Jacobs’ brother, Benjamin, was imprisoned he was shackled to vermin-infested chains and choked down coarse food, even when he escaped he scarcely felt safe and did not have a friend to lean on.

In contrast, Jim and Huck were never seen apart, and both were grateful for each others company on their arduous journey, “[Huck] was ever so glad to see Jim. [Huck] warn’t lonesome now… [Huck] talked along, but [Jim] only set there and looked at [Huck]; never said nothing” (Twain 49). By aiding each other on their voyage, Jim filled a void in Huck’s life by providing him with friendship and a sense of family. Compared to the slave narratives, Jim is treated more like a white man than a black slave.

Harriet Jacobs was treated like an animal when she was in servitude, and felt less and less human each day. She was sexually abused by her master and verbally abused by her mistress. Her master was a spiteful monster, yet she was “…compelled to live under the same roof with him – where [she] saw a man forty years [her] senior daily violating the most sacred commandments of nature. He told [her] [she] was his property; that [she] must be subject to his will in all things. ” (Jacobs 44) Harriet suffers through years of abuse by her master, much like the life of other slaves of that time.

Twain portrays Jim as an innocent, uneducated black slave happily serving Miss Watson and Widow Douglas, yet he neglects the usual slave’s feelings towards his owner. Realistically, a slave would do only what he was asked of, never more, but Twain conveyed Jim as incredibly willing to do what he was asked with punctuality and optimism. If at any time Huck was in danger or trouble, Jim stayed by his side throughout it. Factually, a slave would break away from his owner when the coast was clear, whether or not his owner was in a dangerous situation.

Twain blatantly over exaggerates a slave’s relationship with his owner, like the relationship between Huck and Jim. Jim is extremely loyal to Huck, and Huck repays him with kindness and defense “…and I never see a [slave] that was better nuss or faithfuller, and yet he was risking his freedom to do it… he ain’t no bad slave, gentlemen; that’s what I think about him” (Twain 272). In a real life situation, a slave owner would take any chance he could get to embarrass and humiliate his slave in front of an audience, and a slave would take any chance he could get to escape.

When Frederick Douglass saw his chance to defend himself against his owner, he took it with no hesitation “[My master] asked me if I meant to persist in my resistance, I told him I did… that he used me like a brute for six months, and that I was determined to be used no longer…he had drawn no blood from me, but I had from him” (Douglass 7). Unlike Jim, Frederick despised his master and was only loyal to him when he was ordered to be. These instances further prove that Twain over exaggerated slaves loyalty to their masters and the relationship between the two.

Overall, Mark Twain failed to correctly portray the slave experience in Huck Finn because he ignored the slaves’ views of their masters and over exaggerated slaves’ loyalty to their masters. The slave narratives by Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs more accurately represented slaves’ outlook on servitude and their true feelings towards their owners. Works Cited Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New York, NY: Singet Classic, 1997. Jacobs, Harriet. Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl. 1861. Douglass, Frederick. The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.

Management Information System of Scb Bangladesh

5. Organizational Overview: Standard Chartered was formed in 1969 through a merger of two banks: The Standard Bank of British South Africa, founded in 1863, and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, founded in 1853. Both companies were keen to capitalise on the huge expansion of trade and to earn the handsome profits to be made from financing the movement of goods between Europe, Asia and Africa. Standard Chartered’s aim is to be the world’s best International bank with an extensive global network to service clients on their cross-border and domestic banking needs.

To support this ambition, they want to hire high caliber graduates who can think and operate on an international not just a local basis. It’s important to them that their people can think internationally to provide a range of alternative solutions, and be capable of working with customers and colleagues across different time zones, different cultures and with different needs. Standard Chartered has over 77,000 employees, representing 125 nationalities; working in a global network of over 1,700 outlets in more than 71 countries around the world.

Our variety is a source of great strength, and we take care to build powerful connections across our network to get the very most from the vast fund of cultural, local, technical and strategic knowledge we possess. Standard Chartered Bank is the largest international bank in Bangladesh with 26 Branches, 57 ATMs and 7 Financial Kiosks; employing over 1,300 people. We are the only foreign bank in the country with presence in 6 cities – Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Bogra and Narayanganj; including the country’s only offshore banking units inside Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) at Savar and Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ).

Vision To be the preferred provider of Islamic financial products in the market. Mission To create exceptional value for our clients, investors and staff; through market leadership in providing innovative Shariah compliant products and solutions, and by adopting and living our core values. 6. Strategic business objectives of the organization: Attracting and retaining the best talent: There were particularly strong increases in the number of employees in many of our core strategic markets. For example, we recruited almost 3,000 employees in India, just under 1,000 in Pakistan and over 1,000 employees each in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We expect to continue hiring in these growing markets in the coming years. We focused on increasing the proportion of women at senior levels. As part of our efforts to retain talented staff, we continued to provide an inclusive environment for our people Performance: The Group’s approach towards rewarding employees is closely aligned to performance. We launched a new on-line performance and compensation management system which will help us meet the challenges around decision making as we grow and help reinforce the links between performance decisions and reward allocations.

Talent management and development One way Standard Chartered helps individuals identify their strengths is through the use of an on-line self-assessment system. 7. Business challenges the organization face: * The major challenge that bank has is the stress levels that are running high due to certain employees not being able to meet their targets. This is having a negative impact on the figures for the entire department and causing increasing tensions. This may result in declining applications if this situation is not resolved in an appropriate manner. Another is the entry of new banks into this area of personal cash financing. As more banks are starting to offer this facility this industry is becoming increasingly competitive and the already saturated target market is not showing great potential for growth. We can see this from the loan that Citibank is currently offering with 0% interest these days. * The State Bank has limited the credit limit on credit cards to RS. 4999999. This is 1 rupee less than the maximum loan amount of SCB.

So people who wish to have this sort of money are shifting from financing their needs through personal loans to instead utilizing the limit on their credit cards. * The Personal loan Dept. at present is evenly balanced. But the future holds many threats both foreseen and unforeseen and how the management and the sales team take these threats is what is going to set whether this department excels or starts facing declining applications as time goes by. The BDE’s are eagerly looking forward to harnessing the potential of the opportunities that have been presented here.

And their energy and enthusiasm along with the hard work hours that they put into the job will most probably tip the scales in favor of SCB. * The Personal Loan staffs are at present being treated as the typical Theory X workers. The only motivation that they are provided with apart from money is that they will face a very angry “Boss” if they are unable to achieve their targets. * Employees have been complaining about lost visiting card diaries, mobile phones and other articles. These articles are “lost” from their desks or their personal storage space.

This has added considerably to the already tense environment. 8. Different Functional areas and their major activities along with business process:? There are various departments in this bank due to the wide range of services that it offers to its clients. Each dept. serves a very important role in making the difference between a satisfied and a dissatisfied customer. The major departments that I was able to learn about are: Consumer Banking Department: Savings ; Banking Services The bank offers a wide choice of savings accounts and banking services to suit the customers and their lifestyle.

My Dream Account Save for your children’s future with a special account that’s easier for parents to manage. Payroll Account A one-stop banking solution for companies and their employees that improves the way salary payments are managed. The account offers bank-wide range of benefits to employees and salary process convenience to the employer. Women’s Account Choose a bank account designed specifically to meet the financial needs of women. e$aver Manage your money anytime, anywhere – and watch your savings grow faster with our most competitive interest rate.

Marathon Saving Account Enjoy an interest rate that is as attractive as that of time deposits while enjoying the transaction convenience to your account and withdraw flexibility to your money at anytime. Foreign Currency Account Start saving your money in multiple foreign currencies! It’s easy with Standard Chartered Bank and it comes with a high interest rate as well. To find out more about our savings accounts, please go to your country website. To find out more about our savings accounts, please go to the website for your country. Banking services

From demand drafts and foreign exchange services to safe deposit boxes and telegraphic transfers, Standard Chartered’s banking services are designed to make managing your finances easier, wherever you are in the world. Personal Financial Services Department: This department basically consists of 4 Personal Financial Consultants (PFC’s) who have the task giving all sorts of financial services to the client. They can be asked for information about any product of the bank or any advice to help in reaching the best decision by the customer. It is basically there job to assist the customer in any way possible.

Their task also includes opening all types of accounts and letting customers know of the best-suited option for them. Corporate Department: This department mainly dealt with all matters related to corporate accounts. By corporate accounts I refer to all the companies that have opened accounts of their entire staff with SCB. Management of these accounts is done in this separate dept. of SCB. Other than management this department also has to achieve a certain target of getting a certain number of corporate arrangements to make this banks corporate customer base stronger.

SCB has corporate accounts of US Embassy, Australian High Commission etc. Cash Management and Remittances: This department is mainly concerned with the most critical and nerve wracking work in the entire bank. This department includes the management of all cash related activities and therefore also includes the tellers and all activities related to withdrawals or deposits by customers. The management of funds and the transfer of money within the bank is also managed by this dept. and the additional services that this dept. performs are money transfers, issuing new check books, making drafts etc.

Credit Card Department: This dept. is basically concerned with all functions related to the credit cards of SCB. There is a Visa card and a Gold card that is being offered by SCB. Getting customers to buy these cards and also satisfying customers who have previously got this card is the major function of this dept. however the dept also manages its own collections of bad debts or people who pay late. So it is a relatively self-sufficient dept that covers an entire product of SCB. Priority Banking: This dept basically exists for those customers who can open a minimum current account for RS. million or who open accounts of at least 2 million rupees in case of savings account. Priority banking solely deals with customers who fit the above-mentioned criteria and not with the regular customers. A separate teller that is only for Priority Customers deals with matters of such clients. Apart from this, finding such clients and making them open accounts with SCB is also the task of this department’s staff. Telemarketing: This department as the name implies deals mainly with all telemarketing activity of SCB within Islamabad.

They provide information regarding the banks products. They also serve clients by telling them their account balances or credit card limits that are outstanding. This department provides further facilitation by helping get clients for Credit cards, Personal loans and Auto Loans. Customer complaints are also made to this department if they are via telephone. Auto Loans: This dept. basically deals with all SCB Car financing loans. This dept. also has a fully equipped sales team like the Personal loan dept. and it is their job to get customers to finance their cars through SCB. . Information systems for Business Processes in each Functional Area: * Input, Processing and Output system are given below: * Account Opening: Input: Give bio data, NIC no. , income, city name. Process: Information send to the “virses”. Output: new account opened in the bank. * Online Activity: Input: Concerned Branch code, city name, account title, amount & the transaction. Process: The information will send to organization server (HUB). Output: Transfer of fund to the concerned branch. * ATM Card: Input: Give bio data, income summary, company name, NIC.

Process: NIC no. and bio data send to “virses” which directly linked to NADRA. If information is correct then it is forward to customer service centre. Output: Issue of credit card. * Car Financing: Input: Account title, down payment amount. Process: The information is send to the HUB and verify the account of customer and make the schedule for leasing for the given period of time. Output: Customer can get a new car. * Software Resources:- Following software’s are used for the functioning of our information system and organization; * Application Software:-

Following application software’s are used in our organization and functioning of our information system; * Microsoft Office * NOD32 Anti-Virus * Adobe Reader * System Software:- Following application software’s are used in our organization and functioning of our information system; * Operating System (Windows XP and Linux) for PC’s. * Windows 2003 server for mainframes. * Hardware Resources:- Following hardware resources are required for the functionality of IS an organization: * Personal computers * Canon Document Scanners * HP Printers Networking cards * Currency counter * Coin counters * HP Digital Scanners * Dell Mainframes * Networks:- In Standard chartered bank, they are using client/server network because it is accessible and the employees easily share the data and this network is cheaper than others and this is easily maintainable and manageable. All the data save in main server or HUB and employees can easily access it. This type of computing system provides an easy access and efficient flow of data, which increase the functionality of organization. * Security Measures:

Here are some of the online security features that they have implemented: 1. Strong Cryptography   Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking currently uses SSL 3. 0, RC4 with 128-bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024-bit exchange to ensure data (password) protection and data integrity protection. This form of cryptography used is among the strongest that is available in the industry. 2. Access Control   Access to Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking requires a unique combination of User ID and PIN from you. The number of failed attempts allowed is limited.

In addition, you will be automatically logged out if there is no activity for a period of time. You will need to log in again if you wish to continue with the service. 3. Security Infrastructure   As part of the security infrastructure for Standard Chartered Online, we have adopted a series of security measures that are consistent with international best practice. In general, the security measures are made up of packet filtering routers, firewalls and other security solutions that are aimed at safeguarding the system and protecting the interests of our customers. 4.

Monitoring & Audit   We have various security monitoring systems (Example: intrusion detection system) and processes in place to detect unauthorised activities. In addition, there are regular security reviews conducted by both internal and external auditors to ensure that our surveillance systems are secured. 10. IT Hierarchy/Governance: Even though this department works at the back end and customers are never aware of whether IT people exist in SCB or not. IT has a very important role to play. As it is this dept. that comes up with all the latest upgrades to the system to make it more efficient and effective.

It is they who clear out the “bugs” in the BPS system that generates Account Statements. IT also ensures that the inter branch connection of this bank is maintained continuously through properly functioning PABX, Fax machines, systems etc. 11. INFORMATION SYSTEM IN STANDARD CHARTERED: Now in standard chartered with the help of IS the daily transactions are recorded in branch Computers and these branch computers are then connected to the main head office server so in this way they keep their daily process update on daily basis.

As Time is money, and due to IS standard chartered bank make thousands of transactions per day. In fact, IS makes whole process much more quick, simple and reliable. Due to IS employees can easily connect with other branches, customer service get improved, online banking emerged and lot of others benefits. Standard Chartered Online is an innovative Online Banking service that you can tailor to suit your precise banking needs. It gives you convenient, round-the-clock banking services ranging from day-to-day account transfer transactions to real-time valuable financial information.

Now you can manage your finances anytime, anywhere. Organizational Management Task: As the bank keep their daily process update on daily basis so they follows Transaction Processing System in their bank. Payroll TPS In Standard Chartered payroll TPS is designed to get information and record of the employ and then to calculate his/her annual earning. It get information about the employee from the employee’s department and from general ledger and send it to payroll TPS from where it links that information with the previous record and prepare a report which is forwarded to management.

Management takes notice the “LN” record of the employee’s efficiency to work and may declare added bonus or other incentive. This report is checked and approved by the branch manager after which check is issued to the employee. And when that check is cashed, the record is updated in the general ledger as well as the master payroll (HUB). 12. Weakness of Existing IS: * At the operational level, decision is made by lower-level supervisor according to prefined criteria. * This system is often so central to a business that TPS failure for afew hours can leab to Demise and perhaps that of other firms linked to it. 3. Recommendations: Based on the study, several recommendations have been made. These include: * The quality of any services department relies as much on product itself as it relies on the staff that it acquires. The staff is selected on merit and proper training of the staff is a must for ensuring quality. Proper incentives are also required to keep them motivated and agile. * Pre-approval of Credit card as the procedure for approval of a Credit card is the same as that of a Loan. So when Loan is approved the customer should have facility to get a Credit card without any further process. Pre-approval of Car financing can also be provided to the customer who have been approved a loan. As they are now customers of SCB they should be given reduced rates and a less lengthy process of getting car financing. * The Regional Manager has clearly maintained an open door policy. However the employees of the personal loans department are not entirely comfortable with the idea. This inhibition is further reinforced by the strict behavior that has been adopted by the Team Manager and the Team Leaders.

To remove this problem the regional manager should hold a meeting to inform the employees of their importance and brief them as to how this open door policy will work. * If the open door policy is not working then the Team Manager must take it upon him to keep a few hours each day to listen to the problems of the employees and also help them with any special cases that they might have brought. * The management must decide to move along the continuum between strictness and leniency and try to set a more relaxed way to deal with the employees of the Personal Loan Department in particular and the entire organization in general. In the end we would just like to reinforce that a few nice words and smiles can make a world of a difference in the relationship between a superior and a subordinate. This along with the other suggestions can definitely improve staff morale and motivate them to achieve a more positive direction. 14. CONCLUSION A management information system is a system or process that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. MIS and the information it generates are generally considered essential components of prudent and reasonable business decisions.

This report discuses all the activities that the Management Information System perform in our selected organization “Standard Chartered Bank”. The report starts with the background history of the bank such as when it establish, the branches, pre and post era etc. It explains all the TPS how the transactions are made by the Bank, using of these TPS from the new events such as account opening, new allowances etc to the routine work including cash and payments record, updating of records, payroll and the processing of the complaints. Also includes the inter relations, of all the entities in the database of the bank.

Advantages of Multicultural Society and Labor Force

Advantages of Multicultural Society and Labor Force The transformation of the United States into a Multicultural society did not happen overnight. However, the concept of equal treatment or any subordinate ethnic groups attempt at advancement and integration if it was not assimilation were met by stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. In every scenario from each Ethnic groups story reviewed, between chapters 6-14 of Racial and ethnic groups, whether it was about the Native Americans genocide, the African Americans civil rights or the Jews migration and the anti-Semitism they faced, the background story remains the same.

The positive side is that with time things do change and as more researchers, writers, teachers, and Politian’s persist to bring national and global attention to these inequalities U. S. society has been forced to change in various areas, the work force being one of the biggest areas. Stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and other racial labeling are used to identify each minority ethnic group and given names like Culture and Ethincity. Ethnic groups are categorized by a name, a Race, as if there physical appearances were not enough to set them apart from one another, thus labeling their identity.

Labeling an ethnic groups identity with Stereotypes encourages an unreliable, exaggerated generalization about all members of the group that do not take individual differences into account (Schaefer, 2011). For instance, Surveys show a complex view in the United States of Arab and Muslim Americans. One in four people believe that Islam teaches violence and hatred. (Schaefer, 2011). Or David Riesman’s phrase Gook syndrome, describing Americans’ tendency to stereotype Asians and to regard them as all alike and undesirable (Schaefer, 2011).

But regardless of how accurate or inaccurate the stereotypes may be, when applied by people in power, they can have a very negative consequences for the people or groups indentified (Schaefer, 2011). In turn these stereotypes manipulate how people feel about groups identified and affect how those identified feel about themselves they also influence how they interact with others (Schaefer, 2011). In spite of the negative consequences of stereotyping U. S. society continues to view itself fit to retain the special right to define what society values.

The beliefs of the social concept Race are based on the idea that humankind can be divided into distinct groups (Schaefer, 2011). Unfortunately placing people in distinct groups or Race categories opens the door to racism. Its called Racism when beliefs are coupled with the feeling that a certain group or races are superior to others (Schaefer, 2011). For example, the European settlers to North America felt they were superior to the indigenous people already settled in America which led to acts of violence, distrust and hatred among the now call American Indians. he removal westward of Native Americans were economically motivated (Schaefer, 2011). In today’s society economic motivation is still just as important and possibly one of the main driving forces for society’s decline in prejudice and discrimination claims. Since America is only becoming more diverse the need to acknowledge and enforce equal and fair treatment for minority ethnic groups will continue to become more of a focus in the future not just because it benefits the economy but hopefully because society will see it’s the right thing to do.

Since the abovementioned are all negative constructs developed by the thinking patterns an early US society and passed down through generations it’s made it appear that inclusion with a multicultural society is a bad thing and an idea to fight against However, having a multicultural society and labor force can boost America’s economic performance on national and global levels. By having a variety of skills and experiences available to choose from allows our communities and country to stay flexible in adapting to unpredictable markets and the demands of our multicultural consumers.

So as society’s values are forced to adjust to our every changing domestic demographic programs like Affirmative Action and policies like the Equal Employment Opportunity policy have had to be created to help ensure workforce can achieve equality through outreach and remove barriers in hiring and prevent employment discrimination, sadly even with the creation of such programs and laws managing this diverse labor force and society still needs allot of attention.

Anti Ulcerant Drugs

Definition of Anti-ulcerant Drugs ‘Antiulcer drugs are a class of drugs, exclusive of the antibacterial agents, used to treat ulcers in the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine. Purpose The Anti Ulcer Drugs are used as part of the treatment for ulcers. Ulcers are sores or raw areas that form in the lining of the stomach or the duodenum (the upper part of the intestine). Those that form in the stomach are called Gastric Ulcers; in the duodenum, they are called Duodenal Ulcers. Both types are referred to as Peptic Ulcers. For a long time, physicians thought that stress and certain foods caused ulcers.

Now they know that most ulcers are caused either by infection with a bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori or by long-term use of aspirin or other Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), such as Ibuprofen. In either case, something damages the barrier of mucus that normally protects the stomach and duodenum from the powerful acids and enzymes that the body produces to digest food. When that happens, the acids and enzymes begin to eat away at the unprotected tissue, causing ulcers. Symptoms Ulcers do not always cause symptoms.

When they do, they usually cause a gnawing or burning pain – something like hunger pangs – between the breastbone and the navel. The pain often occurs early in the morning or between meals and may be temporarily relieved by eating or by taking Antacids. Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss are other symptoms of ulcers. If ulcers bleed, the blood may show up in the form of black, tarry stools. In addition to Antibiotics, to clear up the Helicobacter Pylori infection, physicians use several types of Anti Ulcer Drugs that reduce the amount of acid the stomach produces or that protect the lining of the stomach and duodenum.

Comment on the Contrasting Descriptions and Opinions of Mr. and Mrs. Chawla on Their Son, Sampath. Explore Tones, Contrasts, Changes Brought Out by Diction, Etc.

Comment on the contrasting descriptions and opinions of Mr. and Mrs. Chawla on their son, Sampath. Explore tones, contrasts, changes brought out by diction, etc. (Approx. 600-800 words) Chapter three of Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard by Kiran Desai brings out interesting contrasting opinions of Mr and Mrs Chawla, on their son, Sampath. Firstly, Mr Chawla’s character is of a person who is extremely planned, organized and positive. “He hoped to inspire his family and seek out a day as full of promise and activity as his own would be”.

This suggests that he wishes to inspire his family and Sampath especially by setting himself as an example for them. As a result, Mr Chawla wants Sampath to be more like him; enthusiastic and prompt at his job. “Launching into one of the lectures he felt compelled to give Sampath every now and then… Put your best foot forward always… don’t complain. It is only a small thing”. This further supporting the reader’s idea that Mr Chawla feels that Sampath should not have “a lack of initiative” and should display a positive attitude at his workplace, just like Mr Chawla.

In addition to, the author has used compelled, making the reader feel that Mr Chawla believes that it’s his forceful duty to give Sampath a dose of reality; a necessity. Furthermore, it is highly evident that Mr Chawla is unpleased with Sampath’s not bothered attitude towards life and his progress at work. “Mr Chawla taking a notice at his son’s distressing lack of initiative… Where is your common sense these days? ” This further supports that Mr Chawla believes that Sampath is unresponsive towards life.

Moreover, when Mr Chawla asks Sampath about his work and Sampath mumbles “all right”, “the reply irritated Mr Chawla… You don’t sound very certain. If things were going all right, you wouldn’t be earning the same salary you were earning last year and the year before that, now would you? ’”. This showcases Mr Chawla’s reaction to Sampath’s casualness about his work, and irritates him because of the lack of improvement and seriousness. In addition to, it also high lights the taunting or bitter tone of Mr Chawla’s while asking “now would you? As a result the reader notices his snappy tone and concludes that he is not satisfied with Sampath’s excitement towards his work. Further on, Mr Chawla feels that since Sampath was a child, he had always been in going down in a spiral, and never had desired to become successful and work hard towards achieving something his father would have wanted to reach. “Progress! Ever since he was born, this boy has been progressing steadily in the wrong direction.

Instead of trying to work his way upwards, he started on a downward climb and now he is almost as close to the bottom as he could ever be”. This clearly supports the reader’s opinion of Mr Chawla on Sampath, as he feels that “Sampath is not taking any route” in fact and “has missed the route altogether”. Therefore, Mr Chawla considers that Sampath is off track in life, and is not focussed on to a goal from the very start, thus going depreciating instead of progressing.

On the other hand, Sampath’s mother Kulfi has a different perspective altogether on Sampath. Kulfi is a odd character and “it had been generally acknowledged that she was a little eccentric to say the least”. During Mr Chawla and Sampath’s conversation, “Kulfi though, was not interested”. However she was “thinking of the deep scented, deep hearted world of pepper-corn berries, of cinnamon bark, of the flower buds of cloves and cassia, and the saffron stigmas on the crocus” leading the reader to observe her as someone slightly strange.

Although the only thing she murmurs is “pheasants, peacocks, pomegranates, potatoes… poor Sampath”. This reveals her pity for Sampath and how she feels bad for him. In addition to it also signifies her vagueness of speaking and displays her preoccupied mind. Adding on, her mind is preoccupied by “her permanent obsession with food” which led her to “ignoring completely the hullabaloo created by her husband”. This indicates to the reader about her infinite desires of all sorts of food, which she waits to devour.

Moreover in the reader’s opinion she has a compassion for her son and somehow feels that she connects to him, emphasized with him. In a nutshell, the reader draws to a conclusion that Mr Chawla and Kulfi characters are completely different which lead to their differ in opinions on their son, Sampath. Through this chapter the reader comes across various reasons which justify the reader’s conclusion that Mr Chawla and Kulfi’s viewpoint on Sampath completely contrasts.

Aseptic Technique

Aseptic Technique is based on surgical conscience; that is, the ethical and professional motivation that regulates a professional’s behaviors regarding disease transmission. (Fuller) All patients are bound to get an infection. Certain situations can increase vulnerability, like disturbance of the body’s defenses like contradictions to anesthesia, severe burns or an immune disorder. A key difference between the operating room and other clinical environments is that the operating area has high standards of asepsis all the time, most other settings are not designed to meet such standards.

Clinical areas outside of the operating room generally do not allow for the same strict level of asepsis, avoiding potential infection remains the goal in every clinical setting. Observation of medical aseptic practices will help to avoid infections. The aseptic technique in such settings is called medical asepsis or clean technique (rather than surgical asepsis or sterile technique required in the operating room). (Hauswirth) Specific situations outside of the operating room require a strict application of aseptic technique.

Some are: * wound care * drain removal * I V procedures * vaginal exams during labor * insertion of urinary catheters * respiratory suction Cleaning includes thoroughly scrubbing the hands. Remove jewelry, microorganisms get trapped under rings and bracelets. Wear sterile and lint free surgical scrubs, suits help prevent release soil and body fluids. Head caps keep hair from falling on sterile area or patient. Eye shields prevent blood spatters from your eyes. Facial masks should be worn to cover nose and mouth.

Hands and arms up to the elbow may be scrubbed for at least five minutes with soaps designed to kill bacteria. Once scrubbing is done, the scrub, gloves up, and wear s hair nets or caps to cover hair, and masks to cover mouth. The procedures for putting clothing on are usually strict rules that define aseptic techniques. No touching the outside of a glove, even after scrubbing. Outsides of any surgical masks, hats or clothing usually aren’t touched, and if they are, a person might have to discard them and start over.

It may be desirable to have HEPA filtered air for high-risk procedures. Laminar Air Flow underlying principle of a laminar air flow hood is that a constant flow of HEPA filtered air at a rate of approximately 90 linear feet per minute physically sweeps the work area and prevents the entry of contaminated air. (Mahapatra) Anything that will touch a patient’s body must be sterilized. When instruments are sterile then, they are packed in plastic to prevent germ exposure.

Sterile instruments are only opened if needed and normally remain in its package until right before they’re needed; they are never used on more than one patient. The goal is to have and keep a sterile field to prevent or minimize microorganisms that will result in infections. While in the operating room all surgical team members are responsible for their actions. Bottom line rules are: always think of the patient and safety. Concentrate on what you are doing while you are doing it.

Treat patients are if they were your family or close friends. Finally don’t forget to communicate. Never guess or assume, ask another medical staff member if you are confused or need help. Without this cooperative and effort, an successful surgical procedure may result in a complete failure if a break in sterile technique goes  unnoticed  or  is  not  corrected. Practicing the aseptic technique will provide optimal care; everything else will fall into place.

Service Operation Management on California Fitness

SERVICE OPERATION MANAGMENT PROJECT TABLES OF CONTENT 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY………………………………………………………………………………………….. 3 2. INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4 3. BODY…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 4 3. 1 Five Distinctive Characteristic………………………………………………………………………. ……. 4 3. 11 Customer Participation in Services Process………………………………. …. 4 3. 12 Simultaneity……………………………………………………………………………………. 5 3. 13 Perishability…………………………………………………………………………….. 5 3. 14 Intangibility……………………………………………………………………………… 6 3. 15 Heterogeneity………………………………………………………………………….. 7 3. 2 Evaluation of Service Package………………………………………………………………………………. 7 3. 21 Supporting Facilities………………………………………………………………… 3. 2 Facilitating Goods……………………………………………………………………. 3. 23 Information……………………………………………………………………………. 3. 24 Explicit Services……………………………………………………………………….. 3. 25 Implicit Services………………………………………………………………………. 3. 3 Elements of Location and How it Helps the Company…………. ……………………………………14 4. CONCLUSION……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 15 5.

RECOMMENDATIONS………………………………………………………………………………………….. 16 6. REFERENCE…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. …………. 17 1. Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to apply our knowledge on Service Operation Management to evaluate the operations of California Fitness. The scope of the report covers the distinctive characteristics on the service operations of California fitness, the service package adopted by them, the elements of their company’s location and how it helps their business, and propose recommendations to ‘add value’ services for customers.

Research methodology will consist of detailed accounts on the research conducted with regards to California Fitness. Moreover, limitations of the research had been included. For research methodology, we have utilized the internet, Service Operation Management lecture notes, and reviews from members of California Fitness. The main source of information is collected from California Fitness official website. Furthermore, we consulted members from California Fitness for information regarding the interiors.

For the limitations of our research, precise information such as the quantity of equipments and customers’ records are beyond our abilities to gather. Through our data research, the five distinctive characteristic that are illustrated by California Fitness are identified and elaborated on were customer participation in services process, simultaneity, perishability, intangibility and heterogeneity. Base on the criteria of evaluation from the textbook, evaluation on the service package of California Fitness are made.

The service package can be further divided vastly into different sections; supporting facilities, facilitating goods, information, explicit and implicit services. Lastly, based on the features of California Fitness’s location, detailed analysis on how it serves as a function to aid the business have been made. Recommendations regarding value added services for members of California Fitness were proposed in this report. It includes addition of new studios, introduction of a nutritional bar and Jacuzzi. Laundry, massage and facial services are also suggested to provide more benefits to clients.

Therefore from this research, we conclude that California Fitness has managed to maintain good service operations management in their business, which fame have flourished over the years into a household name in the sports and wellness industry. The recommendations of ‘’add value’’ services may assist California Fitness to continue sustaining their position as a highly reputed fitness centre. 2. Introduction Today, with 25 clubs throughout China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, California Fitness is a renowned fitness centre in Asia. It has a total of 4 branches in Singapore at Novena, Orchard Road, Raffles Place and Bugis.

Its’ mission is to help members live better. A wide array of services like group exercise classes, yoga lessons, gym, sauna and internet kiosk are offered. California fitness, partnering with two fitness superstars figures, Jackie Chan and Yao Ming, had created signature clubs in Asia. California Fitness sparked the Asian fitness revolution in Asia more than 10 years ago with its large scale and well equipped health club concept. In addition, it was voted the best fitness club by Asia One in 2008. 3. Findings 3. 1 Five distinctive characteristic 3. 11 Customer participation in service process

Customer participation in service process is the process of getting the customers to play an active role in the service process. At California Fitness, exercise services are provided to the customers. Customers can take part in group exercises such as Group-X and aerobics. Customers can also do their own exercise with the gym equipment provided by the gym. The customers have to play an active role in the exercise so as to get the best result out of it. Customers can request for a training plan according to their preferences and needs so that their trainer can train them accordingly.

The design and facilities also play a big role in this service process. California Fitness is designed in an attractive and comfortable way for the customers to exercise. It is air-conditioned to further enhance its comfort. The gym facilities are also up-to-date and sufficient for the vast amount of customers. The gym assistants and trainers are polite and open to help anyone in need of help in the gym. These features help to get the customers to participate in the service process. 3. 12 Simultaneity Simultaneity means that services are created and consumed simultaneously.

The customer is present when the service is produced, which means that the customer has to be at the gym to use the equipments or attend the lessons. Gym equipment has to be used concurrently as it cannot be stored for the future. Gym lessons held have to be attended at the allocated times. During lessons, trainers will have the opportunity to interact with the customers, and provide the kind of service required and if possible, adjust to their demands. Clients will also be able to interact with each other during the process, for example, when using the gym equipments.

This will affect the customer’s perception of quality of service. In California fitness, if the demand is high, customers will have to wait or queue until there are spaces available. Demand here refers to the use of gym equipments and the lessons and activities provided. Lastly, the number of gym equipments and lessons available, facility utilization and use of idle time will affect the customer’s waiting time. However, there are several implications. It will be difficult for mass production of the services, as there are limits to the number of gym equipments and lessons available.

Since clients have a vital role in the service process, trainers will be required to possess good skills to train them on how to play their role, to keep fit or body-build. California Fitness’s trainers have proved excellence each time the service is produced to maintain a consistent standard. 3. 13 Perishablility Perishability means that services cannot be stored, sold or resold. In California fitness, the services provided cannot be stored. Advice from personal gym trainers, lessons and equipments cannot be kept and stored as inventory; hence it has an opportunity cost of idle capacity.

There is a need for California fitness to match supply with demand of its services as the demand for their gym services varies from time to time. In order to curb this problem of perishability, California fitness adopted some strategies. The demand of their services is smoothed by fixing appointments with their customers. Clients book appointments beforehand to enjoy the facilities properly and to avoid overcrowding at the gym area. To fully utilize the service capacity, the manpower of California fitness is adjusted accordingly to the demand. Trainers work at different shifts, depending on the number of lessons and gym sessions.

If there are many lessons and sessions being held, more trainers will be provided, vice versa. Thus, by shifting the supply of manpower accordingly to the demand of California fitness, the problem of perishablility is reduced. 3. 14 Intangibility Intangibility of services refers to one’s perception of a service’s characteristics before and usually after it is performed. It also refers to services which cannot be touched or viewed. It is the most essential characteristic of services which attracts customers to approach it. California Fitness boosts over 400 clubs worldwide, serving more than 3 million members.

In Singapore, there are 4 California Fitness outlets located in Novena, Bugis, Raffles Place and Orchard road. Having such a high reputation, clients are incline to trust their services. California Fitness plastered heavily populated region with advertisement posters and slogans to attract their customers. Furthermore, California fitness had largely invested in the media with its advertisements to inform its potential clients in the market with its attractive benefits. Well-built physiques model are used in television advertisement to capture the attention of those who aspire to attain similar result.

Slogans like “LIVE BETTER” and “Good Health, Great Investment” are used to act as an anchor to imprint a vision for interested applicants. With such reputable status, people are geared towards signing courses from California Fitness instead of other similar service provided. 3. 15 Heterogeneity Heterogeneity refers to a possibility for high variability in the performance and the quality of services provided, caused by the interaction between the service employee and the customer. Since people are different, similar enquiries are answered differently.

California Fitness, being a fitness centre which cater to every individual of different age, it offers different membership to fit the needs of their lifestyle. Therefore, fitness instructors will cater differently to the members of the diverse needs. The services received from California Fitness differ from customers to customers as the fitness instructor will set up a training plan according to each customer’s ability. Therefore, during the process of providing the service, the quality and customer involvement will vary. Factors affecting the variability in service are different zones of the day, employee and customer’s behavior. . 2 Evaluation of Service package 3. 21 Supporting facility The supporting facility refers to the resources that must be in place before a service can be sold. Supporting facility can be divided into different sections. Location: There are 4 branches for California Fitness is located in famous hotspot in Singapore: Bugis, Novena Square, Raffles Place and Orchard Road. These 4 branches are all located approximately 5 minute walk away from its respective Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station. Bus-stops are also located in close proximity to the gyms. Thus, California Fitness’s outlets are of high accessibility.

Interior decorating: California Fitness is air-conditioned and designed in a way to create a comfortable environment for exercises. Soothing music is played in the gym to create a serene atmosphere. Rubber flooring prevents gym-goers from slipping which may result in hazard accidents. Posters, mirrors and glass panels are present to create a sporty and fresh mood for the gym-goers. Sofas are available in the waiting areas to provide a comfortable place for resting and waiting. Supporting equipment: The supporting equipments of California Fitness refer to the gym equipments, studios and bathing facilities.

The gym equipment in California Fitness is all up-to-date, constantly updated with new equipment to serve the customers to its fullest. The gym equipments include cardio machines, resistance machines and free weights. All faulty equipments are replaced with new ones as soon as possible to prevent any injuries. There are about 1 to 2 studios in each outlet to cater to the different lessons like Yoga, Pilates, Body Combat and Rumba. Each studio is capable of holding up to 80 people. Facilities such as steam and sauna are provided in the California Fitness outlets.

Clients can enjoy, relax and rejuvenate after their strenuous exercise in the gym. Internet kiosks are available in California Fitness to provide member with internet services. Members who need to assess the internet can use these services as it is convenient. Lockers are also available for the storage of valuables and belongings when members are having lessons and gym sessions. Architectural appropriateness: Mirrors are found all over the gym, so that customers will be able to watch the way they exercise, to correct their exercising posture as well as prevent injuries.

Huge glass panels surrounds part of the gyms instead of walls to create a bright environment for exercising. Facility layout: The facilities, mainly the gym equipments are placed around the gym in a coordinated manner according to the type of exercises for easy usage. For example, the cardio machines are placed together, separated from the free weights equipments. In the orchard branch, the treadmills are all positioned along the glass panels such that the members do not feel enclosed in the gym. The equipments are placed apart such that there is sufficient walking space to create a safe and spacious environment.

Appropriate waiting areas at the entrance offer customers a comfortable place for waiting. 3. 22 Facilitating Goods Facilitating goods refers the material consumed by the buyer or items provided by the consumer. Consistency: Gym equipments, such as the Cardio machines, resistance machines and free weights are maintained in good working condition to ensure the safety of customers and make sure they function well. If any of the equipments are faulty, they are replaced. The studio is cleaned daily to make sure there it is clean and hygiene for customer satisfaction.

Quantity: Sufficient amount of gym equipments reduces the problem of members queuing up for the equipment which may in turn create overcrowding problem. This is necessary as overcrowding would affect members’ mood to exercise, and deters members from visiting the gyms. Furthermore, potential customers may be loss. There are only 1 to 2 studios available in each of the 4 branches of California Fitness. Thus, at any time, only 1 lesson can be held. Selection: Different types of gym equipments allow members to make a choice and select among all the choices.

For instances, members who are interested in doing cardio exercise can select the different types of cardio machines for usage. Other than gym training services, California Fitness also organizes different interesting lessons like Belly Fusion, Zumba Fitness, Body Jam and Jazz to suit the varying lifestyle of our clients. Clients can make a selection amongst the wide ranges of choices, and join the lesson that appeals to them the most. 3. 23 Information Information refers to the operations data or information that is provided by the customer to enable efficient and customized service.

Accurate: Customers need to sign up membership with California Fitness for registration before they can start training at California Fitness. They are required to fill up forms and health declarations during the sign up to provide accurate information regarding them. The customers of California Fitness are advised to be honest in their declarations. They are to declare any health problems during their registration in order to prevent any injuries in the future and at the same time cater to their specific needs. This information will be stored in the system for further use in the future.

Any update of information can be done through the customer service. Timely: California fitness supply timely information instantly to their clients via mail, email and website updates. This ensures that confusion is prevented and funds will not be spent through compensation. It is important for members to seek help from the trainers when they meet with any injuries or difficulties immediately during their training. Thus, members are advised to provide timely information so that the trainers can produce the most beneficial exercise regimen. Useful:

The trainers at California Fitness are trained to talk to the customers and make them open up to the trainers. Trainers should be informed if the members have any health related problems, for instances, short-sightedness or back problem. In the case that the members are not feeling energetic, they should not hesitate to inform the trainers. Only then, the trainers can adjust accordingly to the problems and provide appropriate exercises for the customers. The trainers learn the limits of the customers in order to prevent them from over-straining themselves. 3. 24 Explicit services

Explicit services create benefits that are readily observable by the senses. Training of service personnel: The personal trainers in California Fitness are internationally certified with an Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals (AASFP) certificate. They will be capable of coping with any problems and enquiries the members have, and provide them with the fastest and most efficient way to solve it. Availability: As the operating hours are long, clients can utilize the services anytime they wish to. In addition, California Fitness consistently updates their website with information to inform and keep their visitors updated.

For example, if the classes for any particular days are canceled, members can be informed through the website. Comprehensiveness: In comparison with other gyms, California Fitness is more outstanding due to the famous endorser they have. World superstars like Jackie Chan and Yao Ming are endorsing for California Fitness and have produced remarkable impact on the business. Their advertising strategies are more successful. Consistency: Service personnel are expected to consistently produce good performance to satisfy the members.

Up to expectation performance are desired to maintain the good reputation of California Fitness 3. 25 Implicit services Implicit services create psychological benefits or extrinsic features which the consumer may sense only vaguely. Attitude of services: The staffs in California Fitness are helpful and polite in attending to every customer. According to the reviews from those who patronized California Fitness, they mentioned that they were generally satisfied with the staffs’ attitude and the quality of the facilities. On the whole, their expectations were met. Atmosphere:

The air-conditioned place creates a cooling and relax atmosphere for members. With the mirrors and glass panels instead of walls, the atmosphere is not tense as it brightens up the whole gym area. Waiting: Members seldom meet with the trouble of waiting as they can book appointments with their trainers beforehand. Hence, they can visit the gym at the appointed time and do not have to go through the hassle of reaching early and wait for their turn to use the facilities. Status: California Fitness has definitely attainted the status of being one of the most well known fitness centre in Asia.

Recently, California Fitness was voted the best fitness club by AsiaOne. Sense of well-being: The friendly interaction between the helpful service personnel and the members create a sense of well-being which is a state of being healthy and happy. Friendly staffs that are willingly to provide a helping hands to any members will lighten up the spirit of the members and hence, enhance the sense of well-being. Privacy and security Lockers are provided in California Fitness to secure the belongings of the user. Furthermore, the lockers are maintained occasionally and serve its function.

The instructors act as supervisor for users in the course of their regimen to avoid any mishap. Thus, California Fitness provides a sense of security and privacy for their customers. Convenience: California Fitness’s operating hours are longer than normal gyms, bringing great convenience to them. During weekdays, all of the branches operate from as early as 6am till 12midnight. This allows members to visit the gym late at night even if they are unavailable in the daytime or evening. Most gyms close at around 9pm, hence being a gym that operates much longer hours, California Fitness will stand out from other gym.

In addition, the practice of booking the appointment in California Fitness helps save time and allows the gyms to utilize their human resources; the trainers efficiently. 3. 3 Elements of Location and How it Helps the Company Access: There are a total of 4 California Fitness outlets in Singapore located at Orchard Road, Novena, Raffles Place and Bugis. The outlets are situated in famous hot spots in Singapore that have high human traffic, especially in weekends. One advantage that California Fitness imbued in its location is that it’s located near MRT stations.

Therefore, it is made accessible and convenient to the public. Public transportations can be accessed without difficulty as plentiful of bus services are available. Visibility: The outlets are located in prominent region within the central areas. This ensures that the centers are exposed to the public. Furthermore, California Fitness Orchard has plastered banners on the building to capture the public’s attention and increase publicitiy. Traffic: The traffic in Orchard Road is relatively heavy at peak hours during noon when retail outlets commence business.

However with the introduction of the bus lanes, traffic congestions during peak period have minimized and traffic flow in Orchard Road have been improved. The adjustment of the traffic light timing also helps to relieve both the traffic congestion and the overcrowding human flow during peak periods. Overall, it becomes more convenient for the California Fitness’s members. Parking: In the Central Business District (CBD), parking rates are generally higher than normal. Clients may not be able to find parking lots as such areas are usually highly populated with vehicles.

This will affect the business negatively as the difficulty of finding parking lots might affects clients’ decision in joining California Fitness as members. Expansion: The area size of California Fitness is about 3,000 square meters big and can provide their customers with adequate amount of space to try out their facilities. Since the area size is sufficient and demand for bigger area is not required, it is unnecessary for further expansion. Environment: As the branches of California Fitness are clustered with various amenities, it is convenient to patrons.

Foods, health supplements and sports equipments are readily available. For instance, Novena Square is renowned for selling sports apparels and equipments which serves as complement. Competitor: The competitors of California Fitness are mainly located in other area in Singapore and there are only few competitors that are situated near them like Fitness First which can be found in places like the Grand Cathay and AMK Hub. This factor affects California Fitness’s business as competition increases. 5. Recommendations ‘’Add Value’’ Services for Customer:

California fitness may offer exercise regimen to the corporate business in Singapore at a discounted rate while producing the bulk of its revenue through economies of scale. As large corporate is build up of many employees, large volume of membership can be generated. In conjunction to this program, California fitness may improve business; it also serves as a social contribution as blue and white collared workers are often bounded by their long-working hours without essential time to exercise. California Fitness may also expand its number of studios to cater to larger amount of the clients.

With more studios, spectrum of activities can be broaden to be incorporated into the existing ones. For instance, more space can be used to teach other form of martial arts like taekwondo and judo. Currently, protein shakes and drinks are available in California Fitness. California Fitness should set up a bar inside their fitness clubs to that offer nutritional food like salad and fruit juice. In addition, various selections of hot tea like Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, and Chamomile (for calming) can be served.

Gym goers can present their own protein powder to the counter and get have it mixed with a fruit juice of their own preference. Calorie counter will be set up for the weight conscious. California Fitness can hire nutritionist to give advice on diet for clients to attain their desired body shape. Strenuous exercises in the gyms often lead to muscle strains and aches. Therefore, California Fitness may offer massage services to relief the effects of these aftermaths. Only professional masseur should be hired with knowledge specialized in muscles. Laundry services can be set as a daily service; from 8am to 10 pm. Members

Crash Film Analysis

Crash Film Analysis This movie gives a lot of points of view about different situations that people might face every day. Situation which involve problems that most of us never notice. The movie is particularly divided into sub stories that fall under different categories that explain the nonverbal behavior. I selected three situations that capture my attention because most of the time we never think about these issues as problems. The first one is the relationship between mother and son. The second on is a man? appearance because of his tattooed body, and the third one is a situation in which it talks about the lack of respect between an authority and a civil. The first them of the movie that caught my attention was the relationship between the mother and the son. In my opinion they were distant to each other. Most these types of problems emerged because of the absence of communication, trust and knowledge. Parents should talk to their children about their concerns, fears, loves, friends and any other type of problems or achievements their children might have so parents can know what’s going on with their kids.

When parents don’t get close enough to their children a sense of distance can exist and parents may experience a distance where their children don’t have any more the trust they had before. Many other parents simply give more attention to one of their children, thinking that the other ones don’t need their attention to overcome any obstacles. This problem causes parents and children to get distant from each other. Therefore, feeling the family’s support helps you to surpass and fight what you want. Family love is the most greatest and beautiful feelings in life.

However, dialogue makes family more united, for us to know and understand the family much better in the sense that there are no barriers separating the family trust. The second concept that interested me was about how we can interpret a person’s life just by their physical appearance. The person in the movie resembling this topic was a man that had a tattooed body. When a person sees someone with this appearance, it? s easily likely to make judgments about their personality and how they live. When we see someone like that we can deduce their background by thinking that they may come from a divorced amily or with a family with serious problems. We also may think that this person has problems with his identity. In my opinion, this man was not fulfilled in his internal personality and he needed to fill his body with tattoos so he can feel comfortable with himself, his inside thoughts and needs. In some cases people try to change their physical appearance so they can get the attention of others because they feel lonely and empty. In addition, his appearance might be leading him to be rejected by any social group. He might have problems on getting hired in a job or getting related with professional contacts.

These types of people normally do not have any vision for its future. They are stuck in their own environment. They sometimes feel protected when they tattoo all their body and they hide the person who is really inside of all of those tattoos. Some others might also tattoo their body to gain some kind of respect or even to provoke fear. Often, this people join a social group that asks them to do those things to their body in order to belong there and be identified by their group. However, even thought people judge, we are not able to know exactly what is going on in that person? s life.

He might just be as normal as everybody. Do not judge a book from the cover, judge it from the inside. The most important scene of my preference was when the police stopped a couple. This part was about a police officer touching a women? s body, known as touch avoidance. He did not defend her, and was just standing there watching. In my point of view, the man was acting cowardly. He should have stopped the cop from touching his wife and defended her since the woman was being sexually abused. He, as a man owns the responsibility of protecting and defending her from any other person, and there? s no excuse.

In my opinion, he demonstrated no respect for her. The African American man was being selfish, he thought only about his own good. She supposed to have accused the police officers for sexual harassment but instead she did nothing. The women have the responsibility to defend against any problem or anyone, no matter what. However, if we cannot respect our own body no one will. For women it is important to feel respected, loved, and secured. Some cops abused of their power, they felt they had the authority to touch and make his will. It is supposed that the police are here to protect us, not to make us feel uncomfortable.

If the police doesn’t protect us who will, because they are the only ones with the authority to act against the problems we can face every day. Every person needs to be respected no matter what situation is presented. In conclusion, in this movie is easy to see how each situation affects people in its own way. Communication between parents and children are very important in today society because without it problems can come easily, affecting the relationship parents have with their children. We never get to see exactly how ach situation may affect the person that is living it, and what problems can cause them in a social and mental way.